40+ Cool Texture Effects & Abstract Photoshop Tutorials

Attractive background designs are essential for any web design element and also to match up a theme .

Creative abstract arts,texture and lightning effects enchance photos,backgrounds ,website banners etc,which is currently the very popular trend among web designers .You can add these to your photos or make a new art from scratch .Certain designs helps to focus certain points ,which is great for advertisments of your products .Take a look at this collection of Abstract Photoshop tutorials which will increase your skill and makes you understand what kind of techniques are used to create such amazing artworks.

Texture Effects & Abstract Photoshop Tutorials

Easy Abstract Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop CS3 was used to create this easy abstract shape.This tutorial will guide you to create your own abstract .

Easy Abstract Photoshop Tutorial


Abstract image

Some simple steps will guide you to create this amazing image.

Colorful Tornado

The final result is a beautiful colorful tornado.

Colorful Tornado

How to Create an Abstract Image in Photoshop

This tutorial combines various concepts & techniques with various shapes & colors.

Abstract Image in Photoshop


Create a Vibrant Abstract Space Artwork

Vibrant Abstract Space Artwork


Beautiful lighting FX effect in Photoshop



Intense Solar Flare (Filter) Effect


Making of an Abstract Art Piece: “Lonium”

Create Symmetrical Abstraction

 Futuristic Abstract Wallpaper


Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop


Lines Tutorial


Achieve Brilliant Lighting Effects in Photoshop

Great lighting effects can make beautiful digital art adding visual impact and draw viewers attention.
Brilliant Lighting Effects


Create an Electrifying Light Guitar


Abstract Space Tag design tutorial

Magic and special light effects

special light effects


 Windows Vista Aurora Effect Photoshop Tutorial


 Abstract background

Luminescent Lines


This tutorial lets you create lines which looks like emitting light.

Abstract Walkthrough

Quickly Build an Abstract Background of Colored Bars

Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps


Learn to create lightning effects for a space art in 10 steps.


Calculations And Colorization

Make use of calculation dialog to create cool abstract photo effect.

Fiery Photoshop Space Explosion Tutorial

This lengthy tutorial will let to create a beautiful colliding  scene of  planets.

Create Abstract Kaleidoscope Poster in CS5


Just by combining brushes,shapes,colors you can create great kaleidoscope poster in CS5.

Abstract Ecology Scene 


This short tutorial will let you create a cool 3D render.


Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

With simple use of layer masks create this watecolor effect on your photos.

Create Great Abstract Artwork via Custom Brushsets

Creating your own brushset and using them to add particle effects is the best part of this work.

Abstract colorful background with Bokeh effect


With Photoshop’s drawing tools, , lighting techniques and  blending modes create this bokeh effect background.


Colorful Light Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you create a easy and beautiful light effect.

Abstract Glowing Background


You will learn how to apply gradients ,draw different shapes, blend shapes in the background and with all of them create an abstract glowing background.

Color Variations


By combining some basic line elements & layer styles ,create neat color variations.


Create a Simple Vibrant Light Effect in Photoshop


Manipulating images with various tools & techniques will produce a vibrant light effect,which you will love.


Awesome digital bokeh effect


Advanced Glow Effects



Creating an Abstract 3D Design




Explosion Abstract


Easy explosion tutorial for your backgrounds.


 Colorful Abstract DNA background



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