40 Startling Black Grunge Background with different colors to enliven your next project

Artists and creators, behold! we have created a unique anthology for you. These pictures with different colors and a Black Grunge background will flabbergast, your creative soul. These backdrops, have primary, secondary and tertiary colors used sparingly and sometimes wholly to harmonize images, creating a balanced effect.

Monochrome Black Grunge Background:

The perfect harmony between black and white brings balance to the environment of an image.

If you add an accented color element or use a flashy color, combined with monochrome, is bound to woo the audience.

Download the indicated hang here

Here is the splattered ink image.

Download the mix of textures splashed here.

Click to get your hands on this abstract image.

Download this as a cover to represent different dimensions here.

Download this comb texture, if you wish to add, a more centralized element.

Click here to reach out to these checks and stippling combined.

Cute fairy pink backgrounds:

Do you want to add a cute touch to your project? These Black Grunge backgrounds, with a delicate pink touch, will create a soft mesmerizing effect! Whether it is a girly project or a contemporary one.

The pink watercolor texture here

Download the descending three-tone maestro here

Get your hands on this gaming wallpaper here.

Blue and Black Grunge Background:

The color of sea and sky. Though often assumed to be a positive impact. This color has more of a sad and depressing touch when combined with black.

Digitize this light blue hallow here

Paste the above image up from here

Red and Black Grunge Background:

Red stands for fiery and fierce. Is your new project punk-themed or do you want to add a dark element? Maybe you want to advertise a food product. Red can bring out all those moods. Red is said to make people hungrier and hence, may incline towards your food product.

Get this fiery background ASAP! here

Lavender and Black Grunge Background:

Purple and lavender are known to be royal colors. So if you want to create a royal and rich project this is an ideal go-to color. Lavender perfectly harmonizes with black to create a unique color combination.

Download the grunge background here

Get the purple dash here

Grab this asymmetric backdrop here.

The two-toned image is up for grabs here

Dive into this free framework here

Mixed color backgrounds:

These backgrounds are perfect to create two different moods and feelings. Below backgrounds are created to stabilize the positive and negative feels.

Click here to download this image

Click here for this milieu image

Click to lay hold of this picture

Yellow and gold mixed with black grunge background:

Yellow is a positive color that stands out. These grunge are asymmetric, perfectly creating a balance of yellow and illuminating gold.

Click here to download this image

Click hereto spice up you project.

Here you can get this marbled texture.

Click here to download this image

Orange with Black Grunge Background:

The famous color combination is ideal for logos and web pages it balances the look of any project and eye focus stays on the main idea. A famous color combination for interior and restaurant designing. The splashes of color are meant to make an idealistic background to cover all aspects of an image and not make a particular photo focus.

Click here to download


Click here to download

Click here to download

Click here to download

Click here to download

Click here to download

Green and Black Grunge Background :

The color of envy. It is known for its soothing effects. Use this background with black to have a positive impact on your audience.

Click here for this grunge wallpaper


This hallow is up for grasp here

Download this green and gold gradient here.

Click here to download.

Download the french Alps here

Click here for access to this watercolor grunge.

Turquoise and Black Grunge Background:

The color famous from a lavish stone this tertiary color stands from a mix of green and blue and creates a soft and rich impact visually. If you are not sure which color to opt for this color is perfect as it is loved by most people.

Here you can ingress this electric blue beauty.

 Download the black dominant blue gradient here.

The above backgrounds have been carefully picked and listed for ease of artists and creators. We sincerely wish that these backgrounds enliven your project.