40 Examples Of Beautifully Designed Parallax Themes

Parallax Scrolling is a technique used in traditional animation where the background images moves slower than the foreground images creating a reality effect. It is was since 1940s in animation, later it was adapted in arcade games in 1982. The first arcade game to use parallax scrolling effect was “Moon Patrol” and recently the technique is adapted in web designing to provide a more realistic feel to the website. It has become more popular during the recent years, more and more websites have adapted to use parallax effects.

Below I have provided 40 examples of beautifully designed parallax themes for inspiration, if you need more or if you need to know how to create a parallax theme, drop a request in the comment I will get another 30+ or more for you with a short tutorial on how to create beautiful designs with parallax scrolling technique.

  1. Samson Brewerysamson-brewery-ps-01

  2. Groovesharkgrooveshark-ps-02

  3. Aerogardaerogard-ps-03

  4. Soliel Noir 2012solielnoir-ps-04

  5. Bagigiabagigia-ps-05

  6. Titanictitanic-ps-06

  7. Banana Producedbanana-produced-ps-07

  8. Fishyfishy-ps-08

  9. Range Roverrange-rover-ps-09

  10. Cloud 330 Experiencecloud-330-experience-ps-10

  11. Spirit Onespirit-one-ps-11

  12. Witcodewit-code-ps-12

  13. Cultural Solutionscultural-solutions-ps-13

  14. James Bond Carsjames-bond-cars-ps-14

  15. Niedlov’s Breadworksniedlovs-ps-15

  16. Dewxpdewxp-ps-16

  17. Michelberger Boozemichelberger-ps-17

  18. ResIMresolution-nim-ps-18

  19. Timoteitimotei-ps-19

  20. Cheese Pleasecheese-please-ps-20

  21. Tag Creativetag-creative-ps-21

  22. Inception Explainedinception-explained-ps-22

  23. Hum Creative


  24. 2nd Votesecond-vote-ps-24

  25. Weewee-ps-25

  26. DayBreakday_break_ps-26

  27. Nikenike-ps-27

  28. Tokiolabtokiolab-ps-28

  29. Sauconysaucony-ps-29

  30. No Leathnoleath-ps-30

  31. 5emegauche5emegauche-ps-31

  32. OK Studiosok-studios-ps-32

  33. Bake Agencybake-agency-ps-33

  34. Muffi.plmuffi-ps-34

  35. Game Insightgame-insight-ps-35

  36. Land een jobland-een-job-ps-36

  37. CSS Pifflecss-piffle-ps-37

  38. inTactointacto-ps-38

  39. CoolApps(e)cool-apps-ps-39

  40. Jmore Designjmore-design-ps-40

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