35+ Free High Resolution Marble Textures Collections

Marble is a type of stone composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite, that is very flashy and smooth. It has variety of colors and can be prepared in the labs. Marble is mostly used for flooring. Marble textures are amazing. These marble textures can be used for creating a marble surface effect to your designs or images.Here are the 35+ Free High Quality Marble Textures of different colors. Feel free to download. Read the terms and conditions before use this.

angel eowyn

Back and White

Versailles Texture

Several Marble Textures

Stone Pavement

Booti Cena Marble

Brown Marble Texture

White Marble Texture

Multiple Marble Patterns


Seamless Marble Texture


Marble Chess Board

Unpolished Black-White


Cloaks Marble Textures

Swirl Texture Pack

Marble Stone Texture

Warm Marble Texture

Travertino Marble Set

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