30 Classy Business Cards


[/dropcap] Classic business cards are simple in design and loved by most people. Business cards are meant to bear information of either a company or an individual. Traditional Business cards as well as virtual ones must point out name, phone , email and address of the company or individual clearly. Still many people like traditional way of communicating by using business cards.

If you really think all traditional ways of communicating with people has come to an end with the advent of many digital services, most people dont think so. There are people in many countries still using business cards to promote their business or services with clients they desire. Its true, digital media has made a big impact on people this century. It will be unwise to ignore them and still stick only with traditional ways.

Leading the competition is done or can be done by even the simplest things we can imagine. Some people fancy these kind of cards and showcase them on their work desk. Most cards these days are designed with unbelievable materials like Glass, plastic and even gold metal. Here are some Classy Business Cards which will inspire you.

Classy Business Cards

Koodoz Design

Koodoz Design


Bryan Rowe

Sarah Buividas


Black Foil Stamped


Agent Illustrateur

Social Vintage

Fab Design


Personal Namecard


Rust and Martin Custom

Spilled Milk Designs

Summit Financial



Corey Little

Allison Suter

Consultoria Doublethick

Lethal Dose Design




Dark And Grey

Clean Modern

Point Transparent Card


Web 2.0 Style

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