3 Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Work

Do you have a tattoo that you would like to get rid of? Those tattoos can actually be removed off of your skin, but that takes months or even years to do. The worst part is the fact that the procedures needed can be extremely painful to your skin, causing you to undergo plenty of problems. If you want to relax and have that tattoo nearly removed,, then you really need to consider getting it covered with a nice cover up tattoo. These cover up tattoos are great to buy if ever you want to slightly remove or cover that current tattoo of yours. With the 3 tattoo cover up ideas below, you can be sure to have it almost disappear.

What Are Cover Up Ideas?

These tattoos are simply different looking tattoos that can cover up your current ones. They are usually in colors like black or brown, but they can really cover up the tattoo that you currently have right now. People usually get rid of tattoos for all sorts of reasons. For example, Angelina Jolie wanted to get rid of hers because it was her old husband’s name. Cover up your current tattoos with the following ideas.

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3 Tattoo Cover Up Ideas That Work

-Ancient Text Or Design

Most Asian types of tattoos are great to have because of the fact that Asian tattoos can really be shaded in lots of black. Usually most people want to get something that can truly make the main tattoo disappear or get hidden, and this nice tattoo idea is the perfect thing to use. Many people already have used any design from the Asians to get their old tattoo covered up. Try to see what kind of Asian tattoo design works the best, and then see what you should get. You will always be shown the design first before getting the tattoo. Just make sure that this tattoo is what you want so that you don’t regret it later.

-Connect The Design

If you got a set of words tattooed on your arm, try adding more words or making it look different. Try to connect it so that you can make it blend well with the arm. Ask your tattoo artist what they would recommend to do, as they can be sure to know what should be done. Try connecting the design or making the original tattoo look better. One woman used to have a boring looking clover, but she decided to cover it up with a nice pink flower. Connecting the design can be very helpful.

-Checkered Board

A checkered board is nice to have because it can cover it up in a different way. You can maybe even add the chess pieces or the checkers pieces onto the tattoo to make it look even better. It is all about finding what works for your specific tatto. All of the tattoo ideas above are very good for a wide variety of different tattoos. However, it is still your decision, and these three are just a few of the many ones out there.

Tips when getting a cover up tattoo

My first tip would be to find one that you personally like from Day One. If you didn’t like it from the beginning, then you won’t last long with it. Simply taking the time to get that tattoo made is a great idea for not regretting that cover up tattoo. You should also consider getting the advice of the tattoo artist himself, as he or she can provide for you some good advice on your tattoo cover up personally.

Tattoos are extremely great to have, especially if you have something good to showcase from the tattoo. Many people usually forget about the fact that tattoos cannot be removed, so some people can get tattoos of their current girlfriends or boyfriends and regret it later on. If you would like to get rid of those old tattoos that you got before, consider getting the cover up tattoos listed above. Those tattoo cover up ideas are definitely going to be nice to have, so you can be sure for that current tattoo of yours to finally be hidden.


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