25 Really Cool Screensavers to Download

Cool screensavers can be found and downloaded online with a variety of different themes for decorating your monitor with stunning moving images. Windows screensavers was initially designed for preventing damage to plasma and CRT computer monitors by filling the screen with moving patterns or images, or blanking it when the computer was not in use. A screensaver will activate all by itself once you leave the computer alone for a particular amount of time.

Screensavers are popular for a reason, and if you like to liven up your computer screen, as well, then take a look at the compilation of 25 real cool screensavers presented in this post. The list includes funny screensavers, animations and 3D screensavers. Some are also designed for special occasions such as Christmas screensavers, thanksgiving screensavers and Halloween screensavers.

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Sea Life 1 – MORE INFO

This is a screensaver that shows life under the water in HD.


Scary Fountain – MORE INFO

This is a screensaver with a scaring looking fountain in HD.


Thai Fall 1 – MORE INFO

This is a HD screensaver that shows a magnificent waterfall located in Thailand.


Nepal Mountains 1 – MORE INFO

This is a cool screensaver with a time lapse photography of clouds over a Himalayan mountain range in Nepal.


Christmas Evening – MORE INFO

This is a miniature Christmas world screensaver in 3D.


Alien Fall – MORE INFO

This is a HD screensaver of a foreboding and dark waterfall as featured in the movie Prometheus. This was taken at Dettifoss, Iceland.


Christmas Bells – MORE INFO

This HD screensaver is perfect for bringing the holiday mood into your screen. It comes with a good tune and you have the option of selecting your music.


Valentine Musicbox – MORE INFO

Every time Valentine’s Day draws near, you can decorate your desktop with this screensaver. It features delicate style, gentle tune and advanced graphics.


Koi Fish – MORE INFO

This is a 3D screensaver that will add tranquility and harmony into your desktop. the brightly colored Koi are so real that it is almost possible to feel the coolness of this aquatic screensaver.


The One Ring – MORE INFO

This one of the cool screensavers available made especially about J.R.R Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


Halloween – MORE INFO

This screensaver will set your desktop for Halloween. It comes with a horrifying Jack O’Lantern along with skull, skeletons and shrieking sounds.


Thanksgiving Day – MORE INFO

Show your gratefulness for the good things that happened to you in a year with this Thanksgiving screensaver. Its warm pumpkin color is sure to warm any heart.


Cool River 1 – MORE INFO

This is a HD screensaver that shows a large river located in Iceland.


White Christmas – MORE INFO

If you want to have a white Christmas, you can use this cool screensaver in your desktop.


Santa Claus – MORE INFO

Come with Santa as he takes a ride over countryside landscapes, cozy villages and decorated trees in this Christmas screensaver.


Clear Waves 1 – MORE INFO

This is a screensaver in HD that shows crystal clear and stunning view of the ocean lapping on a golden beach.


Westminster Bridge – MORE INFO

This screensaver shows traffic and people crossing the Westminster Bridge in HD.


Big Ben Traffic – MORE INFO

This HD screensaver shows traffic going around the house of parliament and Big Ben in London.


Lake Sunset 1 – MORE INFO

This HD screensaver shows water ripples catching sunlight on a lake.


Grand Central – MORE INFO

This screensaver is in HD and shows people going on their business inside New York’s Grand Central Station.


Forest Lake 1 – MORE INFO

This is a HD screensaver showing a lake within a forest.


City Highway 1 – MORE INFO

This screensaver shows a highway going through the heart of Mexico City. It is in HD.


Marina 7 – MORE INFO

This is a screensaver in HD that shows moored boats in a marina, with the water reflecting light into their hulls.


Crystal Fireplace – MORE INFO

Behold this amazing ancient fireplace in an amazing dwarves’ dwelling underground. The light from the fire is refracted through rock crystal arches and columns.


Grand Canyon – MORE INFO

Watch 1.5 billion years of Earth’s history in this Grand Canyon screensaver in HD. It shows gigantic boulders, mighty cliffs and a turbulent river down the bottom.


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