20 Seamless Paper Texture

Today’s free design resource is a pack of 20 Seamless Paper Texture. This pack is very light and easy to utilize, just simply define it as your pattern in photoshop and fill with the pattern wherever you want,  If you are looking for subtle and elegant background textures for your web design, this pack may give you some ideas. Please download the texture pack below.

papar_texture_thumb01 papar_texture_thumb02 papar_texture_thumb03 papar_texture_thumb04 papar_texture_thumb05 papar_texture_thumb06 papar_texture_thumb07 papar_texture_thumb08 papar_texture_thumb09 papar_texture_thumb10 papar_texture_thumb11 papar_texture_thumb12 papar_texture_thumb13 papar_texture_thumb14 papar_texture_thumb15 papar_texture_thumb16 papar_texture_thumb17 papar_texture_thumb18 papar_texture_thumb19 papar_texture_thumb20

File Size: 70k
File Format:jpg


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