20 Beautiful Script Fonts

Script fonts are characterized by fluid strokes that can be seen in natural handwriting. They are formed by flourishes, swirls and exquisite lines, which give them a feminine touch. Such fonts are perfect for adding a personal touch to a corporate or personal design without worrying about being called a romantic.

Some designers overlook script fonts and often use either sans serif or serif fonts. However, handwritten fonts are as useful as other font classifications. Finding the best script fonts is not easy though since not all of them are beautiful and readable. I assume that you may also have the same problem. To help you find what you want I have taken the effort to collect different kinds of script fonts in this post. This will prevent you from wasting your valuable time whenever you need a script font for a project.

Scriptina Regular – MORE INFO

Scriptina-Regular script font

Respective Swashes – MORE INFO

Respective-Swashes script font

Lydia Puente – MORE INFO

Lydia-Puente script fonts



Ginga Font – MORE INFO

Ginga-Font script font

Precious – MORE INFO

Precious script fonts

Aphrodite Contextual – MORE INFO

Aphrodite-Contextual script fonts

Echinos Park Script – MORE INFO

Echinos-Park script font

England Hand DB Regular – MORE INFO

England-Hand-DB-Regular script font

Rollerscript Smooth – MORE INFO

Rollerscript-Smooth script fonts

Dancing Script – MORE INFO

Dancing script font

PF Champion Script Pro Bold – MORE INFO

PF-Champion-Script-Pro-Bold script font

Clementine Sketch – MORE INFO

Clementine-Sketch script font

Brother Tattoo – MORE INFO

Brother-Tattoo script font

Simply Glamorous – MORE INFO

Simply-Glamorous script font

Carrington Regular – MORE INFO

Carrington-Regular script fonts

Champignon Alt Swash – MORE INFO

Champignon-Alt-Swash script font

Affair Regular – MORE INFO

Affair script font

Krul Regular – MORE INFO

Krul-Regular script fonts

Porcelain Regular – MORE INFO

Porcelain-Regular script font

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