15+ Photoshop Rain Effects and Water Drops Tutorials

Water is beautiful, but creating its effect digitally from scratch can be dreadful, due to the complexity you have to deal with. With fall just around the corner, designers are looking for ways to complement their work with fall imagery like water droplets, rain on leaves and fall rain showers. Including rain or water drops in a scene can be a nice effect because water is a very compelling element. Adding the illusion of water and rain to photographs using Photoshop can be a bit tricky. The tutorials below will give any designer inspiration for incorporating water and rain effects in fall designs and showcase some amazing water work by excellent designers. You’ll learn how to create realistic photos.


Rain Effects Tutorial

Rain Tutorial


Rain During War Movie Poster



Composition And Realistic Rain




rain tutorials


Water Drops

rain drops tutorials

Photoshop tutorial make rain cloud Lighthouse



Water effect photo montage

Water effect photo


Water Dress

water dress tutorials


Water drops in 5 Minutes

water drops tutorials


Add A Rainbow To A Photo

rainbow effects


Silky Smooth Waterfalls Tutorials

create waterfalls tutorials


Displacement Water



Rain, Rain, Go Away



Water Effect On Products



Creating Water From a Tap



Water Ripples



Realistic Water Text in Cinema 4D and Photoshop


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