15+ Awesome jQuery Image Zoom Plugins

A jQuery image zoom plugin will allow you to incorporate a zoom effect into your images without a lot of coding. If you are using large photos or images in your website, they could occupy a lot of space in your webpages. However, with a jQuery image viewer with zoom feature, you can show details in your design, artwork or photos in an elegant manner.

Viewing an online image does not always give visitors a good user experience. There are times when they need to zoom in to be able to understand the details of an image or photo. And you probably want to make it easy for you precious visitors. This is where a jQuery image zoom comes in handy.

jQuery is an awesome JavaScript library. You will be able to find jQuery plugins that allowing you to do practically anything you like on your website. I hope that it could help you showcase your images in a wonderful way. If this post proves helpful, kindly share it with your friends. I hope you will also share your thoughts with us by adding your comments below.

Etalage Image Zoom – MORE INFO etalage-image-zoom

This plugin is a ready to use jQuery image zooming plugin to present your images in the highest detail without leaving the page. Full documentation and examples included.

zoomooz – MORE INFO


This plugin will make it easier to zoom on any of your webpage elements and make it look fancy at the same time.

Smooth Zoom Pan – MORE INFO


This jQuery zoom plugin is an image viewer that contains touch-friendly button sizes, one step zoom and other features.

Zoomer Gallery – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin will allow you to transform image lists easily into stunning galleries with flash like zoom effect.

Image Power Zoomer – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin will allow you to designate a higher and different resolution version of an original photo. The effect is like looking with a magnifying glass.

jQuery Lensview Plugin – MORE INFO


This zoom plugin has a magnifying glass effect whenever you hover over images. The lens can be configured with CSS. Other features of the plugin include overlays, callbacks, captions and zooming.

Featured Image Zoomer – MORE INFO


Using this jQuery image zoom plugin will magnify the picture whenever the mouse is placed over it. Adjustable zoom power range between “3X to 10X” (use mouse wheel to change power).

jQuerylightBox plugin  – MORE INFO

jQuery Image Zoom Plugins jQuery-lightBox-plugin

Used to overlay images on the current page. It is easy-to-use, easy to install and looks elegant, simple and awesome on every web designed page.

jQuery Giga Image Viewer – animated zoom and pan – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin is perfect for displaying very large images on your website, without the need to load the entire image. The plugin will just load the needed portion of the large image, which is divided into small 256×265 pixel pieces.

AnythingZoomer jQuery Plugin – MORE INFO

jQuery Image Zoom Plugins anything-zoomer_thumb

A great plugin that can be used when you have a small area. What it does is that when you mouse over an image, a pop up comes up showing a zoomed in closer look.

Nivo Zoom Plugin – MORE INFO


This jQuery image zoom plugin contains 5 different types of zoom, support for HTML caption and overlay support. You can use the plugin for free under MIT license.

YouTube with Fancy Zoom – MORE INFO

jQuery Image Zoom Plugins fancy zoom

This is a medial viewing application that is incorporated with web support for the most popular videos in YouTube. This fancy zoom is based on jQuery.

jQuery Image Zoom and Panning Plugin – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin can pan and zoom on the image. You need to have two versions of an image for the plugin to work – a small preview and a large version for zooming.

Image Effects Pack – MORE INFO


This jQuery plugin contains a premium image effects pack that you can use to enhance your site, and it is compatible with WordPress. The effects that are included with the plugin include door, move, zoom and opacity. You can purchase the Image Effects Pack on Code Canyon at 4 dollars.

jQuery gzoom plugin – MORE INFO


One of the jQuery image zoom plugins that could zoom in or out of an image with a plus/minus slider.

Epic Image Zoom – MORE INFO


The Epic jQuery image zoom is easy to set up and it can work on all float setups and layouts. There are 3 modes that you can use, an image preloading built in and cross browser support.

Auto ThickBox Plus – MORE INFO

jQuery Image Zoom Plugins auto thickbox

This plugin applies ThickBox script automatically, which overlays inline, Ajax, iFramed and linked image contents on a page.

Cloud Zoom (V2.1) – MORE INFO


This is a popular fly out jQuery zoom plugin that is used in a lot of well-known retail websites. It is a new version that has been entirely reengineered to satisfy the demands of touch enable devices and modern websites.

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