12 Icon Search Engine Websites

Google Search may not always end up with good results for most categories or while searching for certain filetypes. Advanced google search may help upto an extent, but how about sites which wont let google spiders to index their pages or parts of pages. Even if websites let google spiders to crawl their pages, results may not be pretty at the user end who searches filetypes like .ico, .png etc. Going through 100’s of indexed pages is irritating most of the time, likewise is the case with google image search.

So, how do you get things precisely you are looking for ? Learn google andvanced search? No . The answer is simply the sites which are dedicated for icons. Search Engine websites for icons do provide download options to get icons in .ico or .png upto resolution 512×512 starting from 16×16 most of the cases. Some sites allow saving in .jpg extenstion, but since its a lossy format ,stay out of it.

Website designer doesn’t always have to be a graphic designer, so designing icons for some web designers may be a time consuming process. This applies even for a graphic designer new to the field. Since most graphic designers are willing to share their beautiful work for free use, we don’t have to waste time making one. Here are some icon search engine websites which can help you get the icons you need and give inspiration to make your own in the future.

Icon Search Engine Websites


Icongal is a great site and has neat on-page features to choose between different resolutions of icons. Boasting of 325,508 Cataloged Icons, this site is a must visit one for any web designer.


Got bored or is it irritating to download icons of your interest one by one ? Then this site is just for you. IconArchive boasts of 311,082 icons with 1,568 iconsets. Yes you heard it, icon sets. Icons are well organised in sets and thus are easy to download other than downloading one icon at a time.
Icon Archive


This website is same as iconarchive in features. This site is the oldest of all icon search engines. Searching through 161,952 icons or browse 853 icon sets is a breeze.
Icon Search Engine - Iconfinder

Mr. Icons

Search through 125,174 Icons or Browse 437 icon sets . Even though iconsets are provided, there is no option to download a set from this site.
Mr. Icons - Icon Search Engine


This site is completely different from other sites. Save icons to different file types, add a transparent background or white one everything is possible.
Iconizer.net -free icons

WebToolHub Icons

Includes iconsets , but downloading the set is not possible. Just one icon download at a time.


Another search engine for icons. No extra features. But does it job well,find icons.

Icon Seeker

Seek icons here anytime.
Icon Seeker


One of the Popular site and downloading of Icon packs is also easy.


Over 29,591 free icons or Browse 1010 Free Icons sets & 66 Stock Icons Set.
Free Icons Web


Search through 313,284 free icons in 2,390 icon packs.
Icon Search Engine - FindIcons


Must visit site for any designer.

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