10 Top Journal WordPress Themes In 2018

Top Journal WordPress Themes In 2018

The wordpress themes are the main components of earning visitors to the wordpress website. One who is building their websites should use the best themes which increase the attractiveness of the page. A person who is searching for a journal wordpress themes can use the following themes that are some of the useful themes available on the internet.

1. Nexus


The nexus is the theme exclusively built for the journal wordpress websites. The users can get various tools to design their journal’s page in their website. They can add pictures and documents using this theme. Many people are choosing this theme because of its attractiveness.

2. Lucid


The theme Lucid is one of the best wordpress themes available for journals. This can allow the users to add some animations to their web page. To use this theme one should use the latest browser with advanced extensions.

3. The Style

The Style

This theme allows the users to add some pictures and headlines to the wordpress page. They can allow the users to edit the documents online using this theme. There are many colors available in this theme. The color can be changed with the importance of the content in the journal.

4. Magazine


The Magazine is a wordpress theme that allows the clients to publish their magazines in the webpage. They can add some attractive features to the magazine as images and other important features by using this theme.

5. Codilight


The Codilight is an exclusive magazine theme and it supports all types of content. They are using grid based shuffling theme. The clients can show some images of the galleries and quotes to the viewers of the wordpress website.

6. Slavia


This theme can be used to any websites that are created using wordpress. This theme supports many features like adding pictures documents and other important components of the website. This provides the clients with an easy way to build their blog with wordpress website.

7. Bucket


The Bucket is a theme that is supported by all the browsers and the users can enjoy a lot while creating a website using this theme. One can easily download this theme to create a wordpress website for journals. The users can comfortably modify the content of the blog using the options provided by this theme.

8. Exquisite


Exquisite is a premium theme that is used to create a blog in the wordpress website. This is helpful for creating a magazine with beautifully crafted mega menu system. The website builders can use this theme to add options on the menu.

9. Reporter


The reporter is an exclusive theme that comes with drag and drop system. The users of this theme can share news and articles with their visitors. The builder can easily modify their homepage by dragging and dropping the contents.

10. Vague


The Vague is a theme that supports showing news with photos related to that. This wordpress theme allows the clients to change their website with attractive pages. This theme allows the editors to change the content of the document easily.

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