10 Must Have Firefox Plugins

Mozilla Firefox ,a free and open source web browser is available on many OS platforms. It has tons of addons and features which suits many different kind of needs where other browsers lag. Firefox is also loved by many ,it has great stability and you can incorporate as many plugins you can and it will run without any crashes .

This selection of 10 plugins are also my favorite plugins which i always keep updated in Firefox. Today we are featuring 10 must have Firefox Plugins that will add more functionality and usability to your browser.

Must Have Firefox Plugins

LastPass Password Manager 1.80.0

Just remember one password and lastpass will memorize all your passwords for you. As they say ” Your sensitive data is encrypted _locally_ before upload so even LastPass cannot get access to it. I really like its autologin feature which will let you login to a site which you have previously saved without entering any details with a click of a button. Other noticable features like filling online forms,secure notes makes this plugin must have firefox plugins of all.
Firefox Plugins

X-marks 4.0.2

Another great plugin from lastpass company that syncs and backups all your bookmarks automatically. Backup when you close your browser or you can force it do the synchronization. X-marks also has other features which lets you find similar sites to your favorite ones. Restoring backup bookmarks is very easy too.
Firefox Plugins

SeoQuake SEO extension 2.7.11

All in one SEO to investigate pagerank,alexa rank,google index,keyword density,internal/external links and many more. Analyzing External links can benefit if you are trying to link exchange with a website. It lets you find if links are no-follow and the no of external sites which are already linked. Your site wont benefit at all, if you link exchange with a site with PR5 and it has some 50 external links. The pagerank flow will be very very low and traffic almost zero.
Firefox Plugins

Firebug 1.8.4

You can edit a webpage by activating this plugin,so the webpage meet up to your expectations. And there is another great option to inspect webpage element. Important tool to integrate in firebug is google page speed which lets you analyze important factors affecting your page speed.
Firefox Plugins

Web Developer 1.1.9

Great tool for web developers to check code and later optimize the webpage. The most important thing i found was the option to disable images,CSS styles completely so that we can analyse the basic HTML structure of the website and check if the link architecture is ok.
Firefox Plugins

NoScript 2.2.4

Secure your web browser by disabling unnecessary scripts to be run ,to protect yourself against XSS ,Clickjacking attacks. There is also an option to allow active content to run only from sites you trust.
Firefox Plugins

Bazzacuda Image Saver Plus 0.42

This plugin saves images opened in multiple tabs with just a click. Useful for those who like to download lots of photos. Doesnt work on sites like flickr, because url of the images must end with image formats other than .html,.php.
Firefox Plugins

WiseStamp – Gmail Facebook Twitter…and more! 3.9.12

Powerful & effective email signature tool for firefox.
Firefox Plugins

Freecoder 5

This software will install freecoder community toolbar to firefox. I think this is the best software to download videos from most sites including youtube. It actually downloads the video while watching it, without any additional bandwidth usage. There is an option to save in .mp3 format if you only need audio of the file.
Firefox addons

DownThemAll! 2.0.8

This will capture downloads and is good download accelerator too. Since this is free with no ads ,i recommend this. But its not even close to Internet download manager(IDM) in terms of download speed and other features , unfortunately IDM is a paid software.

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