20+ Jquery Ajax File Uploader Plugins for web developers

Since its release in 2006 ,jQuery has become quite popular among website developers .And better there are lot of jQuery plugins which can even reduce your work to half.Forget the days when you keep writing javascript codes for days.Either way its not easy to create a upload form with jQuery unless you know the basics of CSS,HTML and javascript.Here we have come up with some good Ajax Jquery file uploader plugins .Hope it helps.

Jquery Ajax File Uploader Plugins

Ajax Upload by Valums

Plupload v1.5.1.1

It allows you to upload files using HTML5 Gears, Silverlight, Flash, BrowserPlus or normal forms. It shows upload progress and also allow image resizing and chunked uploads.


Uploadify has multiple File Upload capabilities and uses a combination of javascript,action script or any popular server-side languages.Its large support community with many docs and examples make this plugin worth a try.


AJAX Multiple File Upload Form Using jQuery

This plugin features a nice user interface allowing users to upload multiple files with ease.

AJAX Multiple File Upload Form

Multiple File Upload Plugin

This non-obstrusive plugin not only helps users easily select multiple files it also provides some basic validation functionality,like say differentiate different file types or restrict maximum upload files to 5 at a time,just to help developers idenfity simple errors, without having to upload files.

Multiple File Upload Plugin

Uploadprogress v 0.3 – a jQuery + PHP plugin

This plugin allows users to choose files one by one and also shows the upload speed which is cool.


This plugin requires no flash and makes submitting easy .

FancyUpload – Swiff meets Ajax (v3.0)

This plugin is server independent and completely styleable via XHTML & CSS.

Digitalarld Swiff AJAX Uploader

SWFUpload jQuery Plugin

SWFUpload plugin was rewritten by Adam Royle using jQuery to create a real event dispacther.




Input the email & choose a file ,this plugin will send the file to the email address.


JQuery Ajax File Upload


Multiple file uploader




Easy jQuery multifile uploader

This plugin even allows to remove queued file while uploading multiple files.

jQuery File Upload

Allows to select multiple files or drag them all at once and upload them simultaneously.This plugin shows a progress bar for uploading progress.Stop individual uploads or all are other notable features.

jQuery File Upload


Multiple File Upload With Progress Bar Using jQuery


Ajax File Upload Script Using jQuery

jQuery Custom File Upload Input

This plugin has neat input box and buttons when user selects a file to upload.



Image Upload and Cropping with PHP and Jquery

Image cropping is the most important part in social media networks & projects to limit the size of image.This plugin allows this kind of funtionality.

Uploading Files with AJAX


Uploading Files with AJAX

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