10 Best WordPress Genesis Child Themes

There are many credits and advantages available for the children when people create genesis theme for them. Number of qualified wordpress themes available with advanced and latest features to help the website developers in the best way. Children will get many useful things and information with the options available in the prominent wordpress theme. Genesis children wordpress theme is one of the best wordpress themes available in the market. Needs and requirements of the children will get satisfied when use the facilities available in following 10 wordpress themes.

1. Agency pro

Agency pro

User interface available in the agency pro theme is very attractive and children will like this theme very much. As it is top quality wordpress theme, developer can develop the website easily with this template. Smart look, easy use and handling will support the users and children effectively.

2. Genesis base child theme

Genesis base child theme

This base child is a free wordpress and it has a number of functions such as taxonomies, post types, short codes, and Meta boxes. With these functions, user can customize the menus and pages in a desired manner. All unused backend pages in the wordpress theme will get removed with the customized menus and page layout.

3. Eleven40 pro theme  

Eleven40 pro theme     

This genesis theme is a famous and popular one because it has many intelligent and proficient options. Mobile-responsiveness factor is higher in this genesis theme and people can use it to get high pleasures and gains. HTML5 coding available in this theme will provide a quality look at expected time.

4. Lifestyle pro theme

Lifestyle pro theme

Styles available in this genesis children theme are easy to handle and manage with the amazing properties. One can design the wordpress theme with the plenty of designs and options easily and simply. Feelings of the users can get explained easily using it.

5. Magazine pro theme:

Magazine pro theme

If individuals want to create a website in seo optimized way, they can use this top quality wordpress theme. To fulfil the needs in genesis themes, they can use the ultimate and productive themes in the magazine pro theme.

6. Modern portfolio theme:

Modern portfolio theme

In this modern portfolio theme, people can include the modern and new features in the wordpress theme with customizable options. Images are mainly focused this theme to create excitement and entertainment to children.

7. Avett: wordpress portfolio children genesis theme


If they look for multiple widgets in one theme, they can use this avett wordpress theme to achieve their dreams. Unique home page layout and many more areas are available in this genesis child to support potential customers.

8. Streamline wordpress theme

Streamline wordpress theme

Work of the website developers will be very easy when they select the streamline theme for genesis children framework. Custom background and responsive feature in this wordpress theme will be higher when compared with other standard themes.

9. sixteen nine WP theme

sixteen nine

This is a free theme created by studiopress to support the website developers in a better manner. HTML5 is the base of this theme.

10. Enterprise wordpress theme

Enterprise wordpress theme

This theme is generally is created to support the business vendors and marketers in a best and fine way. Business services can get performed easily using the design available in this theme.

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