40 Cool Examples of Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography is the art of conveying meaning through your photographs. Every photo i take atleast get the basic auto tone effect in photoshop and i cant live without it. Some photos listed below are not even edited in photoshop,yeah you heard that right. With a good sense of light to use with objects coupled with great compositional skills can pour life even to a graveyard .

Understanding different light sources ,getting a good background and randomizing a collection of objects you desire to use is also very essential in still life photography. And that’s not enough the photo must also set a pleasant mood to the viewer .Patience ,luck and perception are the key to good still life photography . If you are trying to convey meaning through inanimate matter,artificial lighting and working indoor are the best bet. Well, you need luck to take a pic of bird taking off and even if you have a good chance, there’s a limit to natural light .

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Still Life Photography

Giuseppe Bognanni

Still life photography

Michel Feugeas

Still Life Photography

Antonio Diaz

Still Life photography

Carlo pautasso

Still Life photography


Still Life photography


Still Life photography

Dee Bunpha

Still Life photography

Vladimir Shipulin

Still Life photography

Rolland Flinta

Still Life photography

Antonio Diaz

Still Life photography


Still Life photography

Michael Popov

Still Life photography

Dave Nitsche

Still Life photography

Holger droste

Still Life photography

carlo pautasso

Still Life photography

holger droste

Still Life photography

Mikel Arrizabalaga

Still Life photography

Antonio Diaz




Andrej Nemetzkij

Still Life photography

Sven Fennema


Abdulkreem Al-delaigan

Still Life photography

Antonio Diaz

still life

Matjaz Cater

still life web



Leonard Setiawan




Taufik Zamzami


Bror Johansson

Geoff Powell


The Leica

old barn bottles

old bottles

Lotte Gronkjer

Natural heart photography


better future


take off



Mohsen Rashidi

Apple photo

Margarita Dyakovich


Splash of colour

splash photography


hanging around

David Arnoff

  1. Gary Hickin says:

    Wonderful images although I absolutely agree with PChuprina,- quite a few are not still life – as many people are confused as to what still life is having a selection like this does not help clarify things- just browse any still life category on various sites and you will see collections of random images. Still, that aside some great work here.

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