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Tips for Designing the Perfect Portfolio Site

The advent of the Internet has drastically changed the job interview process, especially for those pursuing a career in the creative arts. Having a printed portfolio is fine, but having an online portfolio is crucial. Job applicants are requested to provide a web link to their online portfolio and the decision to call you for an interview is usually made on the basis of how the online portfolio is judged. Usually, applications without a portfolio web link are not entertained. The important thing to remember is that simply having an impressive portfolio is not enough; the website has to be impressive as well. If the package is not good, nobody cares how good the chocolate inside is; they will simply not purchase anything with unattractive packaging. Think of the website as the packaging that holds your excellent work; it has to be good or no one will care about what’s inside it. Here are some top tips to keep in mind when designing an online portfolio:

Create a brand for yourself with a logo

Creating and using a logo is one of the most important components of an online portfolio. A logo reflects that you are serious about what you do. Using a logo helps you create a brand image that makes it easy for people to associate you with a particular service. The logo should be displayed prominently so that users can quickly identify who the website belongs to. The logo does not necessarily have to incorporate your name; have some fun with the logo by creating an alias. Incorporating your initials into the logo is a tried and trusted method for creating logos for online portfolios.

Provide a list of available services

An online portfolio is the best place to advertise your skills and let people know just what you can do. Always be sure to provide a list of services you offer so that users know exactly what to expect. The list can highlight services and skills that may have been left out from the sample works on the online portfolio.

Start and maintain a blog

Never let your online portfolio get stagnant. Even if you have no new pieces of work to add, try to keep the site updated as frequently as possible. Having a blog is a great way to ensure that the website is updated regularly and it increases your online visibility. Keep in mind that the blog should generally be about your experiences in your area of expertise; if you are a graphic designer nobody wants to view your portfolio and read a blog about the adventures of your pet hamster.

Keep you links updated

Whether you are using a free image hosting service or providing links to websites you have designed, always ensure that the web links on your page are up-do-date. It is very frustrating for users who are trying to view a sample of your work to run into broken links. Test your website after adding every link to ensure that it works fine and does not disrupt the layout of the portfolio.

Building an online portfolio is not a difficult task, but can become challenging if you commit simple mistakes. Follow these helpful tips and steer clear of any pitfalls that may make your online portfolio look bad.

This post is written by James Franklin providing Magento Web Design service.

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