Top 10 AdSense WordPress themes

Google AdSense is a special kind of feature which will help online users to make money with their online contents. Google AdSense provide flexible and free way to make more money from the websites with qualified and related ads. It has helped over millions of online users to grow their business on the internet. There are different WordPress themes available for Google AdSense.

1. TruePixel Theme

TruePixel Theme

This TruePixel Theme is an amazing theme which will help online website owners to make excess income through their websites. This theme has many more features to get expected range of money on the internet.

2. Nominal Theme

Nominal Theme

This theme has played a very big role in Google AdSense. This theme will give highly professional look to the website to encourage the online money making. This nominal theme will also offer unlimited color options for different online users.

3. Pinstagram


This Pinstagram post will offer the online users with a modern and perspective range of websites with more features. Unlimited backgrounds, Google fonts, AdSense optimized, and Seo optimized are some of the best features of this theme.

4. Clickable Theme

Clickable Theme

It is all time favorite WordPress theme for many website owners for Google AdSense. This theme is specially built for clicks instead of designs. It has been designed by the website visitors who made several clicks on the internet.

5. CTR Theme

CTR Theme

CTR Theme is the ultimate WordPress theme for Google AdSense. Many customers are also recommending this theme on their testimonials. With this theme, the website owners can choose randomized displays and the best clicks for the online visitors. The ad placement on this CTR theme is highly easy and flexible.

6. AdSense Pro Ultimate

AdSense Pro Ultimate

It is derived theme from the CTR theme on the WordPress site. This theme is prettiest theme which will be the ultimate solution for making social bookmarking buttons through control panels. This theme is highly suitable for the fast loading website on the internet.

7. Hot News

Hot News

This hot news WordPress theme is another best theme for high quality and good looking websites. This special kind of theme has all features of alternative themes on it’s my list. This theme will look absolutely fantastic and admirable. It is great supported online theme for HTML5 based websites online.

8. Flick Theme

Flick Theme

This WordPress theme has all features needed for the professional websites. It will not only support professional websites, but it will also give support to the personal websites on the internet. Good looking and attractable websites are possible with the help of this Flick theme.

9. Sensational Theme

Sensational Theme

This sensational theme is little different from other WordPress themes. The website content conversion and retain the visitors with attractive and absolute backgrounds are the special features of this theme on the internet. This theme will also provide mock up to show the look of the website on the internet.

10. Socrates AdSense Theme

Socrates AdSense Theme

This Socrates AdSense Theme is a special theme designed by the marketers for the online marketers. This theme is highly suitable for the marketing sites for giving more information to the online users.

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