PSD Freebies : A collection of 40+ White-Colored Business Cards

Business Card is the simple offline marketing tool to promote your work, business, brand to your clients. Many people rush into making business cards, most probably they go to a printing shop and ask them to design one for their brand in 30 minutes. If the cards turns out too confusing or even has bad typography your client will throw it away after a while. The next meeting the client must have already forgotten who you were. Since first impression and some memorable things you say or hand over to client will float in his head for a while. So it is important to make business cards good enough which represents your company rather than sticking with pre made designs either its free or premium. We are just showcasing some cards in this post, you can download and alter as you wish to get the right theme. There is no way one card in this list will suit you right away.

I’m not saying the below cards are top noptch or even close, we can atleast say it look only little time for us to design one. So if you are patient enough, then hiring a designer who can make one successful logo along with the card will make the business card more than impressive and appealing to clients. Yes logo design is not the part that should be avoided or taken lightly. The factor that makes the card attractive is the logo and the core design.

Last day we have given free cards with black colored backgrounds. Now this article gives you a collection of business cards with white background. All these cards are free for your personal and commercial use. If you like this article, share this with your friends. Report any bad download link. Thank you – Rio

White-Colored Business Cards




Fresh One

Red Technology

Green Cool






Pixel Webdesigns

Nature Green



Country Club

Big Media

Star Oil

Golden White


Coffee Cafe

Travel Agency

Colored Strips

Orange Design


Splat Designs

White Steel


Nail Saloon


Orange Strips




Thick Orange

Interior Design




Media Visiting Card

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