A collection of free social media icon sets

This post is written by Danny Cooper who is an aspiring designer and a big movie geek. He also writes for a UK company called Print Express who provide a range of print supplies including flyers and business cards.

Fancy taking your desktop to another level? Here’s a simple guide to the best apps and add-ons for injecting some life into the dreary social media icons you’ve grown attached to. You’ll never go back!

Designed by the amazing Dawghouse Design Studios, here’s a set of 20 completely free social media icons which will change the way you see your desktop forever! (SOURCE)

I know what you’re thinking… You could really do with a set of icons shaped as TRUCKS! This will either be right up your street, or, will drive you mental. See what I did there? Just head over to

Ever wanted to make origami models of your most frequently used programmes? Illustrator Paddy Donnelly has done just that, and designed something a little bit different with these origami style inspired icons. Turn your desktop or website into a paper utopia with these super-cool icons.

Combine your love of Candy AND social media with icons shaped as, you guessed it, sweets! If you’re a social media fan you’ll be like a kid in a sweet shop with these sugary icons…

If you’re a whizz with Photoshop then here’s a great place for you to edit to your heart’s content! Download the files then switch them up! Your twitter icon has never looked so good!

Take your desktop to a world of contemporary elegance with a superb set of icons. Minimalistic, fun and smart; this particularly colourful pack contains 35 sweet designs – get your download on! (SOURCE)

The clever bods at Somarco have created the social media icon pack to end all others! There are a whopping 32 icons (who knew there were that many social media sites!) and although presented in an unusually big format, the clean, cool designs will organise all your favourite sites and also give you the option of having with, or without, a border. Well I never. The set was created by Tina Mailhot-Roberge at Veodesign.

For the vintage chic fan amongst us, this icon pack takes a particular style. Think worn & torn; so they’ll look perfect on grunge, vintage or classically themed web designs. Beer fans might also love this set as they take the style of bottle tops. The aptly named Old Bottle Crowns Icon Set is available here.

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